Karuna Jeeva Kalyana Trust is a voluntary organization rendering social service in and around Davangere, Karnataka. The organization was first started in the year 2000, under the chairmanship of Dr.K.L Nagaraj Shetty, a retired professor of medicine from J.J.M College of Medicine College, Davangere, as Karuna Daya Samasthe. As a first step to service a Drug bank was formed by collecting sample medicines from about 300 practicing doctors. Then a panel of about 35 doctors was formed by requesting each of them to treat atleast two patients without any kind of fee. Free drugs was distributed to such patients after the prescription of the doctors, from our drug bank and the same service is still continuing and best utilized successfully till date. The name of the organization has later changed as Karuna Jeeva Kalyana Trust® and the office is centrally located in the city of Davangere and is registered as a Trust under the Registrar of Societies, Government of Karnataka.